Goodreads Giveaway: The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere

Now on Goodreads, win one of 5 free copies of The Mystery at Sag Bridge. Click here or the book cover to enter!

The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere
Cover photography by Richard Hoyt Lee.

Positive reviews have been pouring in for Pat’s debut novel. Red City Review calls it “fiction at its best.…a compelling narrative with complex characters”, and says “Cora’s depth of character growth throughout the book is a testament to Camalliere’s skill and writing prowess.”

Fran Lewis of Just Reviews perfectly sums it up: “Author Pat Camalliere gives readers much food for thought in a heartfelt, heart-breaking novel of two women who needed to find peace and understanding when dealing with family love, relationships and secrets.”

There are also many excellent reviews on Amazon. Head there now if you can’t wait to read, or enter at Goodreads for your chance at a free book!

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