Amika author edits local history book

Pat Camalliere, author of The Mystery at Sag Bridge, is one of the editors of a new book about Lemont history. You can find it now on Amazon, History & Anecdotes of Lemont, IllinoisCongratulations, Pat!

The Village of Lemont, Illinois rose to importance during its years as a canal town building the I&M Canal which led to the growth of Chicago and surrounding areas. Located on a bluff overlooking the Des Plaines River, Lemont’s history is also unique due to the strength, vitality, and character of its people. This book tells part of that story by presenting a collection of articles and anecdotes passed down through the generations. Most articles were originally written by members of the Lemont Area Historical Society in the early 1970s and made available through the society in its first edition in 1975. This 6th edition maintains the character of the original edition in an updated format for wider distribution and includes new material. Of note is a new listing of Lemont’s historic murals and other works of public art.

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