Malachy’s Gloriam now on sale

Malachy’s Gloriam, the debut novel from C.M. Martello, is now on sale from Amika Press.

Malachy's Gloriam cover

Malachy Madden, disbarred criminal defense lawyer and manager of the Shamrock bar, is well known throughout Chicago for successfully undertaking unusual projects. When John Bari, a handsome, charismatic, and immensely popular Italian-American priest, is accused of years of sexual abuse of a young boy, he is suspended from his role as pastor-rector of the Saint Shrine located in the heart of an old Italian neighborhood.

A committee of parishioners dedicated to finding justice for the well-liked priest hires Malachy to prove Fr. Bari innocent in a manner that will allow for his full reinstatement at the Shrine.…

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Two-Seven Remainder now on sale

The new Chicago crime novel by Matt HaderTwo-Seven Remainder, is now on sale from Amika Press.

Two-Seven Remainder by Matt Hader

Jakub “Pies” Jakubowski is an expert at what he does, so good that he maintains a clean criminal record. Twenty-eight-year-old Pies is a member of a Chicago Outfit-sanctioned burglary crew run by Northwest-Side-based boss Stan Zielinski and his son Sebastian, “Bast.” Because Pies is arrest-free, he’s ordered to take a position in a newly opened suburban 9-1-1 communications center. The plan calls for Pies to supply his accomplices with information about alarm systems that are currently out of service. A non-functioning alarm equals an easy payday for him and his bosses.

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Dialogues of a Crime, new edition!

Amika Press is proud to announce our first ever re-release, a revised and fully redesigned edition of John K. Manos’Dialogues of a Crime.

Dialogues of a Crime by John K. Manos
Cover photography by Nicole Shackelford. Type is Bell & Baskerville, set by Sarah Koz.
Dialogues of a Crime by John K. Manos
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This new edition includes a foreword by Peter Ferry, author of the novels Travel Writing and Old HeartHere’s the first paragraph:

The most haunting line in John Manos’s outstanding novel Dialogues of a Crime is “I made a mistake that changed everything.” All of us have made that mistake, and Manos’s powerful story evokes the moment when we did, the mistake that we made and the burden of guilt and regret that we have carried with us ever since, and it does so without a hint of nostalgia or self-pity. His prose is disarmingly honest in that way that a good writer has of speaking about what’s in his heart because it’s in our hearts too, and we are just a little bit uncomfortable but also greatly relieved that he has found us out. Manos’s novel engages us as all good literature does. It takes us by the heart, the mind and occasionally by the throat. It changes us.

Kirkus Reviews named Dialogues of a Crime to their Best Books of 2013, and calls it a “character-driven crime novel ruled by complex men facing the past.” If you haven’t read this book, now is the perfect time to get started! Pick yours up today on Amazon, Amika Press or Kindle.