The Healer’s Daughters NOW ON SALE

The Healer’s Daughters, Jay Amberg’s twelfth book, is now on sale!The Healer's Daughters by Jay Amberg

A terrorist bombing in Bergama, Turkey kills twenty-three people including three children. Modern Bergama is built on the site of ancient Pergamon, a city whose art and wealth and culture rivaled Athens. It was also the home of the Aesklepion, the world’s greatest healing center, and the birthplace of Galen, the Roman Empire’s most famous doctor.

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Quote, Cycle by Jay Amberg

Now, I am a loner. My song becomes one of solitude.…I don’t mind it, really. Time alone is good. You can think things through, clear up what is in your mind, make connections among your thoughts, find the currents, the ebb and flow, the cold and the warm, and feel them purl.

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