Back to Forest High now on sale

Back to Forest High, Bob Boone’s latest book of stories, is now on sale at Amazon and Amika Press.

Back to Forest High by Bob Boone
Cover photography by Dean Terry. Type is Garamond Premier Pro, set by Sarah Koz.

Bob Boone returns to Forest High School in his new book. With his distinctive voice, he gives us another glimpse into the characters that people the school landscape. Back to Forest High tells of new beginnings, youthful mistakes, failed marriages, and uncertain retirements. Each story is told with humor and tenderness as the characters make their way through the rhythms of everyday life.

Coming soon to Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo!

Now on Kindle, The Mystery at Sag Bridge

The Mystery at Sag Bridge is now available on Kindle.

From Amazon Customer Reviews:

A supernatural mystery lays a quilt over a very intriguing study of grief, longing, and the profound connections among women—between friends, between mothers and daughters, and across generations in the shared burdens of love, hope and care. It’s a lovely book with fine writing, solid characterizations, and real dialogue, but its power comes from the subtlety with which the theme of female solidarity is woven through the tale. This is another indie book that deserves attention from thoughtful readers.