Quote, The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy

“[George is] my late husband, except I haven’t killed him yet. I made the mistake of telling [my mother] about my Stendhal dream…and she said if I’d had a better marriage, I wouldn’t be dreaming about dead Frenchmen.”

From The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy. Read more here!

Quote, The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy

Did all Europeans drive badly?… The Roman rule was simple: You try to cross the street and I’ll try to turn the corner at the same time, and we’ll see who makes it. Paris…drivers practiced a more subtle Russian roulette, with the Gallic shrug if you got away.

From The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy. Read more here!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Party tonight on Facebook!

Amika Press invites you to an online holiday party to chat with our authors and enter giveaways to win prizes. If you love books—whether your favorite genre is mystery/crime, thriller, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, short fiction, memoir, or nonfiction—this event is for you!

Participating authors include Michael Antman, Robert Boone, Pat CamalliereRuth Hull Chatlien, novelistMatt Hader: Author Page, Charles H.C. Kim (Peace Breathing Book), Laurie LevyJohn ManosC.M. Martello, Peter Nolan, Floyd SullivanKen Zurski, author.

5:00 Ken Zurski, history
5:15 Pat Camalliere, historical mystery
5:30 Bob Boone, short fiction
5:45 Matt Hader, mystery
6:00 Ruth Hull Chatlien, historical fiction
6:15 Laurie Levy, literary fiction
6:30 John Manos, crime
6:45 Charles H.C. Kim, spirituality
7:00 Floyd Sullivan, historical fiction
7:15 Michael Antman, literary fiction
7:30 Peter Nolan, political nonfiction
7:45 C. M. Martello, crime

New novel by Laurie Levy now on sale

The Stendhal Summer, the new novel from renowned Chicago author Laurie Levy, is now on sale from Amika Press.

Cover photography by Robert Levy.

In the summer of 1992, public relations writer Alison Miller takes her savings and flies from Chicago to Europe in search of information about Stendhal, the nineteenth-century French author of The Red and the Black and The Charterhouse of Parma. Traveling to the same cities, walking the same streets, and taking in the same vistas, Alison hopes to discover fresh material and gain an intimate perspective to write a new biography of Stendhal with whom she feels a deep affinity.

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