Free on Kindle: Dialogues of a Crime

Today through 29 June, Dialogues of a Crime is free to download on Kindle!

Dialogues of a Crime by John K. Manos

Get your copy today and read one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2013. John K. Manos may also make a guest appearance at our upcoming Book Signing Party.

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Pat Camalliere reviews

Kirkus Reviews has reviewed The Mystery at Sag BridgeVisit Pat’s website to let her know what you think.

Cold Case meets Ghost Whisperer in Camalliere’s debut mystery.

A capricious spirit, a mysterious wolf, and a 100-year-old unsolved triple homicide lead Cora Tozzi on a journey to uncover the history of Sag Bridge. Lemont, the tiny village, nowadays melded into the Chicago suburb where Cora and her husband, Cisco, live, was a hub of activity in the late 1800s during the building of canals that would link the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River. Retired, Cora devotes her time to the library, the historical society, a book club, and other assorted committees. She also hides a secret.

Throughout her life, one that she herself describes as quite fortunate, Cora has had the sense that some sort of supernatural entity has been watching over her. A door closing unexpectedly, a paper clip flying across the room, all signaled the presence of “something.” Cora began calling this presence “Angel.” But lately, the previously playful Angel has been gaining strength and exhibiting some dangerously angry behavior. Is Angel responsible for the bizarre accident that left a hostile member of Cora’s book club fighting for her life? Is she demanding something specific from Cora? And why did Angel attach herself to Cora in the first place? In her search for answers, Cora learns of the century-old murder of a young couple and their newborn baby girl.… Camalliere peppers her narrative with well-drawn depictions of life in turn-of-the-last-century Sag Bridge, and her characters are rather charming.…there are a few surprises left for the very end.

A lively twist on the historical fiction genre by a promising author.

News & Reviews

The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte on Huff Post Books, part of ‘Stereotype-Busting Women In Historical Fiction’: “…a heart-wrenching high drama.”

Bone Box well-received by Fran Lewis of Just Reviews: “…will mystify, entrance, enthrall and captive readers.”

The Mystery at Sag Bridge book release party is this Sunday 26 April at Smokey Row Antiques. Visit the Smokey Row Facebook page or Pat Camalliere’s site for more information.

Update: Pat Camalliere interviewed by Dan Farnham of Suburban LifeFull interview on

Now on Kindle, The Mystery at Sag Bridge

The Mystery at Sag Bridge is now available on Kindle.

From Amazon Customer Reviews:

A supernatural mystery lays a quilt over a very intriguing study of grief, longing, and the profound connections among women—between friends, between mothers and daughters, and across generations in the shared burdens of love, hope and care. It’s a lovely book with fine writing, solid characterizations, and real dialogue, but its power comes from the subtlety with which the theme of female solidarity is woven through the tale. This is another indie book that deserves attention from thoughtful readers.

The Mystery at Sag Bridge now on sale

Our latest book, The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere, is now on sale.

The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere
Cover photography by Richard Hoyt Lee. Type is Dwiggins Uncial and Janson Text Italic, set by Sarah Koz.

Cora Tozzi is a retired businesswoman who, after nursing her mother through her final illness, wishes only for a peaceful orderly world in her suburban Chicago home. When an angry spirit begins to leave cryptic messages on her computer and threatens those around her, Cora is forced to dig into the town’s notorious past to uncover secrets that will free the bonds that tie her and the spirit. (Read more and purchase now at Amazon or