PROTECTOR by Matt Hader now on sale

Now on sale, Protector: The Harry Belluomini Story as told by Matt Hader.

In July of 1992, a reckoning was set into motion in the basement garage of the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago. The murderous escapee didn’t realize it, but his end was near. It would be a full stop.

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Katie, Bar the Door now on sale!

Welcome back to Ruth Hull Chatlien! Her third novel, Katie, Bar the Door, is now available.

From a childhood of parental loss, religious repression, and sexual shaming, Katie Thompson suffers deep wounds and persistent self-doubt. Her desire to find meaning through education and a career is threatened by those who push her to conform to a more traditional path. In her desperate search for love, Katie makes disastrous choices about men, leading her to the brink of self-destruction. Her journey through Katie, Bar the Door is the universal quest for healing and hope as she struggles to save herself and her dreams.

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The Dark Side of the Moon by Anju Kanwar

Congratulations to Amika’s new author, Anju Kanwar! Her novel, The Dark Side of the Moon, is now on sale.

In the aftermath of the prime minister’s assassination, another crime is committed. Amrita Chaddha, a rookie lecturer, is left lame. Her idyllic past with her brother shaken. Overcome by an onslaught of doubts about her future and the future of the country, she plunges into a kind of madness. Centered in Delhi over three summer months in 1985, the crisis is both psychological and real.…

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NOW ON SALE! Bad Reputation by Matt Hader

Amika Press is proud to re-release Bad Reputation, Matt Hader’s bestselling collection of stories.

John Caul has decided that it is finally time to wreak some havoc on the townspeople who’ve ostracized him for the past 20 years. When he was a 17-year-old kid, John did the inexcusable—he accidentally burned down the brand new high school gymnasium on the eve of its championship basketball team playing the first game of their season. Now 37 years old, John decides he’s had enough, and he hatches a plan for some payback. As with any well-planned, or in John’s case, not so well-planned scheme…nothing goes as designed.

Also included, six more stories from the Bad Reputation universe.

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Wilmette at 150 by John Jacoby

Wilmette at 150 is a collection of illuminating stories that feature and celebrate the people, places, and events that have shaped the village and created its unique character over the last century and a half. These stories present the grandeur of the lakefront, the turmoil of No Man’s Land, the devastation wrought by a Palm Sunday tornado, the beauty of a tree memorial built for blind Judge Kolman, the final moments of notorious gangster Baby Face Nelson, the inspirational visit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to promote racial justice and unity, and much more.

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Stand Up For Bastards NOW ON SALE

“Stand Up For Bastards starts with fists flying and never lets up. Caleb Mason has created a modern Marlowe—sharp as a tack, at odds with the world, and unrelenting to the last word. An uppercut of a yarn!” —Nick Wootton, writer, NYPD Blue; showrunner, Scorpion, Golden Boy

Welcome to Caleb Mason, the newest Amika Press author. Caleb is a lawyer in Los Angeles and an incredible writer. His debut novel, Stand Up For Bastards, is now on sale through Amazon or Read an excerpt here!