Everything Solid has a Shadow at Splash Magazines

“This is a wonderful read—it draws you in from the first moment, both because you care about the hero, and because you want to see what comes next.… But you are also seduced by the fine detail, the subtlety of the language, and the absolute romance. What is more, it’s a fiercely intelligent story: a smart man wrote it about a smart man involved in an absorbing, emotionally complex intellectual conundrum of the psyche.”

Great new review of Everything Solid has a Shadow at Splash magazines. Check it out here!

The Healer’s Daughters, first oracle—Jay Amberg, Author

Via The Healer’s Daughters, first oracle—Jay Amberg, Author

Oracles speak in the The Healer’s Daughters. Here is the first one:

False gods, all—though all be real. We dwell on this hill, now scarred and overrun. We reside by the once whispering river, now dammed. We inhabit the sacred grove—or what is left of it. Consecrated stray dogs lie among us with the once worshipped […]

Readers’ Favorite reviews, The Healer’s Daughters—Jay Amberg, Author

Via Readers’ Favorite reviews, The Healer’s Daughters—Jay Amberg, Author

“Superb, strong and focused… Cleverly woven… Complex family dynamics… Brilliant twists… Recommend it to anyone who loves a gritty, powerful story.” —Lesley Jones

Three stellar reviews for The Healer’s Daughters, thanks to Readers’ Favorite. Get your book now on Amazon, Kindle and AmikaPress.com.

“All the elements [of] a compelling thriller—international terrorism; a greedy, powerful and ruthless […]