The Reading by Barbara Monier

The Reading by Barbara Monier is now on sale!

An unexpected—and unrecognized—visitor attends veteran writer Esmé’s reading and brings events of forty years past squarely into her present. Struggling with writer’s block and uncertain about a future with her romantic partner, Esmé undertakes a journey through her own history. Esmé revisits a particular year she had written off as the worst of her life as well as her whirlwind early marriage. In the process, Esmé ultimately overcomes the wounded hesitancy that has characterized her life and rediscovers her former courage and openness to risk.

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New book by Ken Zurski!

Unremembered Book 2: Actors, Artists, Entertainers & Influencers is now on sale!

At the outset of the twentieth century, aspiring painters, sculptors, and photographers converge on Paris, the center of the art world, to hone their craft, while in New York and London theater managers and popular actors of the day present the latest stage productions to enthusiastic crowds. Meanwhile, the prospects of war in Europe loom menacingly just over the horizon. Like other enterprises, the future of the entertainment industry, while thriving, braces for the impact of a conflict that will eventually affect both sides of the Atlantic.

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Snag the Moon by Michele Fitzpatrick

Congratulations to returning author Michele Fitzpatrick! Her new novel, Snag the Moon, is now available on Amazon and

In this offbeat contemporary romance, two middle-aged misfits are drawn together to rescue nursing home residents from a greedy CEO.

Eloise Dewmore, the public relations director at Happy Meadows Assisted Living, meets physical therapist Lyman Forrester after a stroke lands her in the rehab ward of that very facility. He is determined to help. She is adamant to manage alone, as she has for fifty years.

His patience and her lack thereof are strained when they uncover evidence the residents are being mistreated. To save them and herself, Eloise must confront her fear, embedded as a child, that love equals pain. Lyman intends to prove otherwise.

PROTECTOR by Matt Hader now on sale

Now on sale, Protector: The Harry Belluomini Story as told by Matt Hader.

In July of 1992, a reckoning was set into motion in the basement garage of the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago. The murderous escapee didn’t realize it, but his end was near. It would be a full stop.

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Special edition for Harold Washington’s 100th birthday!

Now available! Campaign!: The Election that Rocked Chicago, a special edition celebrating the one hundredth birthday of Mayor Harold Washington. If you haven’t read Peter Nolan’s book, now is a great time to pick up a copy. Featuring a stunning photograph by local photojournalist Marc PoKempner.

Katie, Bar the Door now on sale!

Welcome back to Ruth Hull Chatlien! Her third novel, Katie, Bar the Door, is now available.

From a childhood of parental loss, religious repression, and sexual shaming, Katie Thompson suffers deep wounds and persistent self-doubt. Her desire to find meaning through education and a career is threatened by those who push her to conform to a more traditional path. In her desperate search for love, Katie makes disastrous choices about men, leading her to the brink of self-destruction. Her journey through Katie, Bar the Door is the universal quest for healing and hope as she struggles to save herself and her dreams.

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