Quote, The Women’s Center by Michele Fitzpatrick

The Women's Center

Now the waves of the past were upon Diane, unbidden.

From The Women’s Center by Michele Fitzpatrick. Read more here!


Quote, Two-Seven Remainder by Matt Hader

Two-Seven Remainder

Pies Jakubowski was literally in the belly of the beast, the large, windowless room where he sat presently—and he wanted out.

From Two-Seven Remainder by Matt Hader. Read more here!

Quote, The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere

The Mystery at Sag Bridge

A small woman, not young, nor as fit as she’d like, she was pretty vulnerable. Maybe she should think about it again…no, surely nothing would happen to her. Good fortune had followed [Cora] all her life, as if an unseen presence guarded her, and she had some to count on that. She would be vigilant though…

From The Mystery at Sag Bridge by Pat Camalliere. Read more here!