Everything Solid has a Shadow now on sale!

Welcome to our newest author, Michael Antman! His novel, Everything Solid has a Shadow, is now on sale. Kirkus Reviews calls it “…Convincing and emotionally satisfying. An absorbing tale of mystery and romance, rich with symbolism and elements of magical realism.”

Everything Solid has a Shadow
Cover illustration by Dan McCarthy.

Charlie Alessandro is a musician and a marketing executive who ought to be happily satisfied. He is successful in his career, involved with a sleek and confident woman, and enjoying a fulfilling creative outlet with his guitar. Yet his seemingly complete life is troubled at every turn by something dark that happened to him when he was very young.…

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Kirkus Reviews starred review for Life Long

Ronald L. Ruiz’s new novel, Life Long, has received a starred review from Kirkus. Congratulations, Ron!

Ruiz is a strikingly good writer, and his chapter detailing Ray’s “break”—and the terrifying, evil voices in his head—is a sojourn in hell; readers will understand why Ray is in a panic to get his prescription refilled and why the voices terrify him. Obstacles multiply endlessly, and the descriptions of Ray’s long days and nights on the bus, and of the dreary and dehumanizing bus terminals, will likely make many readers deeply grateful for their better circumstances. Ruiz proves to be a very sharp social critic, and no detail gets past him in this richly imagined book. A highly recommended novel that appeals to both the heart and the head.

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Great new review of Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale

Great new review of Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale. Read on below.

John Sloan's Reviews

Chatlien, Ruth. Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale. Amika, Northfield Illinois, 2017. F;6/17.

This is a lovely thing. It’s in the Endurance and Violence genre but it’s about good feminism. My idea of it, anyway. The main character is a strong truth-seeking self-critical woman, temperamental, maker of mistakes, but true to herself and a mother-bear when her children need her. There is no feminism as it’s usually served up or fawning false apology for Europeans overrunning indigenous people. This author had something much bigger in mind.

The scene is mid-19th century Minnesota. White settlers are gathered in small administrative villages apparently as overseers of Sioux and other Indian tribes. Sarah (who existed and wrote a memoir on which the book is based) with a toddler girl and five-year-old boy is married to the local doctor John Wakefield. They live in a comfortable house that they have decorated, she is kind and…

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Life Long now on sale

Life Long, the new novel by esteemed author Ronald L. Ruiz, is now on sale.

Cover art by Phe Ruiz.

Ray Lopez is on the run with a duffel bag full of cash. Both drug dealers and the police are after him. But Ray is not a criminal. His last brush with the law was over traffic tickets. Recently released from the hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, he is haunted by voices, auditory hallucinations, that frighten him and cause him to question his every move.…

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