Quote, The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods by Pat Camalliere

It all began when Nick walked in on Cora that morning. A young man, a stranger with dark hair pulled into a ponytail, he startled her with his unforeseen entrance. She had no way of knowing she would come to share his ambitions—ambitions that would lead them all into danger.

From The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods by Pat Camalliere. Read more here!


Quote, My Name is Luke by Jim Ruddle

For the first time, I felt a little better. As long as somebody was looking for me, I felt I had a chance of getting out of this mess.

From My Name is Luke by Jim Ruddle. Read more here!

Quote, Dialogues of a Crime by John K. Manos

The courtroom smelled of cigarettes and fear. People were moving, talking, interacting, and he had no idea what was going on, what his place in this machinery might be. He had an uneasy feeling that he could end up the star of an ugly show.

From Dialogues of a Crime by John K. Manos. Read more here!

Quote, Cycle by Jay Amberg

Now, I am a loner. My song becomes one of solitude.…I don’t mind it, really. Time alone is good. You can think things through, clear up what is in your mind, make connections among your thoughts, find the currents, the ebb and flow, the cold and the warm, and feel them purl.

From Cycle by Jay Amberg. Read more here!