Quote, God Loves a Madman by Matt Hader

God Loves a Madman

Deep down he knew the mobsters would never truly be “done” with him. If he agreed to one job, he’d be obligated to do them all from here on out—until his usefulness was depleted.

From God Loves a Madman by Matt Hader. Read more here!


Quote, The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy

The Stendhal Summer

She envisioned the cartoon caption that haloed her head writ large: Faithful Wife. Quel unique… Why did men like him, who didn’t matter, have all the good cheekbones? C’est les vie et guerre.

From The Stendhal Summer by Laurie Levy. Read more here!

Quote, Everything Solid has a Shadow by Michael Antman

Everything Solid has a Shadow

But the moment we slipped into the water, it became difficult to determine where her body ended and mine began.… I felt like we were a pair of sleek Monterey Bay otters, spinning around each other and through the vortices our spinning left behind and then back out again, as if we were untying a very complicated knot.

From Everything Solid has a Shadow by Michael Antman. Read more here!